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Computer Health Checker

Health Check results for your computer

  • 1. A broadband connection
  • 2. JavaScript enabled
  • 3. Flash Player version 9 or above
  • 4. 1024 x 768 minimum screen resolution
  • 5. Adobe Reader Version 6 or higher (needed to download the printable resources)
  • 6. Shockwave Player (needed for the Rain Forest Music program only)
Please note:
  • The larger the broadband bandwidth you have, the faster the Crystal ICT content will load onto your computer(s).
  • Please allow for a short delay as program sections load onto each computer for the first time. The programs will load much more quickly each subsequent time they are used.
  • Remember, the number of computers sharing your broadband connection at the same time can affect the download speeds experienced.
  • Rain Forest Music isn't currently compatible with Windows Vista.